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Does Monster High make you nostalgic for Bratz?

The tarty Bratz dolls with a “passion for fashion” (pictured above) made many of us nostalgic for Barbie dolls. The Bratz dolls pushed the sexy envelope in a way that made good, old fashioned Barbie seem wholesome – perhaps even prudish. Now I am wondering, will the new Monster High dolls make us nostalgic for Bratz? Check out the Monster High Gift Set below and see what you think:


I heard mumblings about Monster High a few months ago, but I didn’t really key into them until I read a recent blog post by Peggy Orenstein. According to Orenstein, these creepy dolls, are Mattel’s biggest product launch since Hot Wheels. On the Mattel website, Monster High Dolls for 6 to 8-year-olds include 15-year-old Lagoona Blue who wears ultra-short shorts and fish net stockings. Lagoona Blue likes to “show up at parties in my scary cute little black dress” and also likes “checking out the bro’s with my girls”.

And let’s not forget Clawdeen Wolf. The extra-lovely thing about Clawdeen Wolf is that she is a 15-year-old “fierce fashionista” who has an intense beauty regime: “plucking and shaving is definitely a full time job, but that is a small price to pay for being scarily fabulous”. Yes, we definitely needed a doll for our 6-year-old daughters to teach them the value of plucking and shaving. Definitely. (For more about Clawdeen Wolf, check out this article from the Globe and Mail.)

There are Monster High webisodes, such as this one where there girls ditch Study Hall to get ready for Picture Day:

And on YouTube, the Monster High Fright Song has close to 5 million hits.

There is without a doubt, a growing interest in Monster High, which to me looks like a clever combination of the Glee, Bratz, High School Musical and Vampire crazes of late. If it were marketed only to teenagers, I still wouldn’t be happy, but at least I’d be a bit more understanding. However, the Mattel website clearly has these dolls geared towards 6 to 8-year-olds. Which inevitably leads to 4, 5 and 6-year-olds. Ugh. I can’t exactly say I’m nostalgic for Bratz Dolls, but e gads, how far will the toy makers push this?

8 comments to Does Monster High make you nostalgic for Bratz?

  • annie

    Wow. Yep, makes me nostalgic for Bratz. The “sexification” of little girls, coupled with an intro to spirits, demons, ghouls, living dead and monsters as the GOOD guys if horrific. (I thought little kids were scared of monsters…) And of course, creepy is what we all aspire to be.
    Barbie and Bratz are much better alternatives. Even many of the Bratz dolls are modest (No, I’m not denying the fact that many of them AREN’T) and Barbie’s theme is bright, colorful, imaginative and more appropriate for girls. The live-action Bratz movie, apart from 5-6 misuses of God’s name, is very clean and sweet too.

  • Misa

    Okay, I’ve seen this stuff floating around the internet a couple of times now… And let me say that all I can do is roooooll myyyyyy eeeeeyes. It’s like people think that fashion dolls are the only thing that will ever impact a little girl. Why aren’t you concerned about pop star sex scandals, children’s clothing that looks designed for teenagers, and 40-year-old mothers who still dress like they’re sixteen? Why are you blaming a TOY for girls being exposed to this stuff?

    Lagoona Blue is a sea monster. She’s wearing swim shorts. Would you prefer a bikini or something? Honestly. As for Clawdeen Wolf plucking and shaving because she’s a werewolf, I started shaving YEARS ago, long before the Monster High series came out and when I was far too young to do so, because I saw my mother doing it and other girls experimenting with it. That’s already happening and going to happen because little girls copy their mothers, and in my experience that’s a bigger influence than some doll. If you don’t like little girls shaving, move somewhere where the mothers aren’t shaving.

    Monster High is, yes, a very clever product for today’s market. I’ve said so myself many times. But the dolls and the webisodes also actively encourage kindness, teach tolerance for other’s differences with the “Freaky Flaw” aspect of each character, and fight bullying through their partnership with the KIND Campaign. I’m pretty sure all the Bratz ever did was shop and be brats, but I could be wrong. (I never got into Bratz, they have creepy faces.)

    As for Annie’s implication that children should be afraid of monsters and it’s ‘horrific’ if they don’t – fear is a brainwashing tool. I think it’s great to have a line of dolls that is a step completely outside the norm and shows kids that monsters aren’t scary and that different is good. Teaching tolerance at an early age is exactly what the world needs.

    By the way… I’m twenty years old, and me and all my friends love Monster High. Just saying.

  • no but i have all the monster high and im a boy

  • monster high is cool

  • i find nothing wrong with the monster high dolls,nope doesnt make me nastalgic for bratz,the monster high dolls have some good values,anything evil is only in the mind of the closed minded,im a mom and i like monster high there are no demons within the characters,i will say a little barbie ish,but kids are kids and its just another fad which will die out in time.

  • i might also add my young son and even my grandson like monster high and like i said i like them and im in my early 40s ill argue with anyone whos got a problem with monster high,im sick of all the whinners that complain about these kind of things saying its evil and bad for kids no its not evil and no its not bad for kids,shaving please i was shaving when i was a kid cause i saw my mom and friends do it,my girls who are all in the twentys now shaved at an early age oh and by the way they all like monster high too,and no children shouldnt be afraid of monster vampires and such puhleeez kids are becoming emune to them from books and movies way before monster high,look at the good values that these dolls do give,friendship non bullying,non prejudice,and etc i dont mind my son having monster high dols and liking monster high.just being honest

  • Sara

    I find nothing wrong with a child wanting to play with a doll regardless if it is a boy or a girl, All children see is a toy nothing sexy just a toy. I also read post of their children wanting a doll and mothers rolling their eyes and thinking “no way” would you rather want your children asking for cigarette money or something else more harmful than a doll.For the record I am 24 years old and LOVE the Monster High collection, Please someone answer me this question how do you sell a doll for an adult without little girls liking it???

    I played with Barbies when I was little and have grown into a responsible adult, Barbie had ZERO impact on how I thought women should look like, parents should be more worried about more important things than a plastic doll. Let kids be kids let them be little they wont be for long.

  • Raygirl

    People don’t realize this but MH was just a way for the arrogant company Mattel to compete with the Bratz return in 2010. But people want to talk about how MH has “morals”. Right, but the people behind the doll line are money making giants that don’t respect other companies work of art. They could not help but hate on MGAE’s originality. They were the ones who turned Carter Bryant’s idea of having the dolls away and now people want to say MH is good for kids? So sad how Mattel can easily manipulate idiotic people into feeding into their arrogance. Way to go morons of the world. :/

    MGAE are the ones who REALLY had good intentions. They wanted to give girls dolls they could really relate to. Mattel’s purpose in making MH was not originally to relate to girls but to beat MGAE’s success back in 2010 when Bratz was making a return. So really who are the better dolls? Bratz was made for us. MH was made for Mattel’s success.In fact Bratz line was inspired by Isaac Larian’s daughter and her friends. MH was an obvious way to keep up with the growing “emo-gothic” subculture that is popular today. Its sad people are gullible and can’t see through all of that.

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