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Screen-Free Week…how did it go?!

Screen-Free Week 2012 ended yesterday, and as always I am sad to see it go. For me, the best part about Screen-Free Week is that I have the best excuse for turning off Twitter and Facebook. Although both Twitter and Facebook help Empowered by Play reach a broader audience, and help me share information as well as stay on top of the latest issues, they can be addictive and can definitely eat into family life (since my office is in my home).

Screen-Free Week was great fun, I have to say. I finally taught my sons one of my favorite outdoor games from childhood – Run the Bases. We played it a bunch of times and had a blast (and got exercise) and they even got better at throwing and catching. We spent time gardening as well, and playing board games (Battleship mostly, their choice – not mine, I assure you.)

Besides turning off screen entertainment, I made a concerted effort this past week to keep away from the computer once my sons got home from school. They get home about 2:00 pm, and often I will work until dinner, while they play. This week, I kept the computer off until they were in bed – and then finished up any work I still had to do. It is a discipline I aim to maintain even though Screen-Free Week has passed. Wish me luck! I know I will need it!

Our planning ahead paid off, and Screen-Free week passed happily in our home.  Luckily for me, my book group met on Saturday night – which for me would’ve been the hardest time to keep the screen entertainment at bay. And for the boys, my husband brought them on a big hike up a nearby mountain, so by Saturday evening they were fully exhausted and ready to just hit the sack.

How did you do? Did you give Screen-Week a go? If you did – congrats! We’d love to hear about it. If you didn’t – you can always plan your own Screen-Free Week for your family. I’m betting you’ll be glad you did.

Below are pics from Empowered by Play’s Screen-Free Week event at Healthy Kids Day in Newburgh, NY, where we shared information and talked with more than a hundred folks about the upcoming Screen-Free Week. We played with blocks – one of our favorites screen-free activities and made a growing list of screen-free activities. Enjoy the pics!

And of course, thanks so much to our friends at Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood for sponsoring Screen-Free Week 2012!


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