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International Mud Day

What better excuse to get down and dirty than International Mud Day?! Lucky for me, this year our annual Cousins Camp coincided with this fabulous international holiday. Conceived and promoted by the World Forum Foundation, and celebrated this year on June 29th, International Mud Day is the quintessential unplugged experience.

Seriously, when was the last time you squished mud between your toes? Patted and baked a mud pie? When was the last time your kid got totally and unapologetically dirty or basked in the simple beauty of mud?  Admittedly, not all of the cousins and counselors were up for a mud bath on Friday – however, those that were had a blast.

So, here’s to dirt and water – two of nature’s best playthings – and to the World Forum Foundation for spearheading the mud movement.   If you missed the actual day, I am sure you could celebrate mud any day this summer.  Go for it! As my seven-year-old nephew says, International Mud Day is “Fun! Fun! Fun!”

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