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Play outside in the new Grasshopper Grove!


Climb, jump, build, create, discover, pretend and grow!
Grasshopper Grove makes it all come together in a natural way.

In the Mid-Hudson Valley where I grew up, there is a treasure in Cornwall known as the Hudson Highlands Nature Museum. The HHNM just got even more incredible yesterday, with the grand opening of the Grasshopper Grove. A few years ago I met with Jackie Grant the museum’s executive director, and Judy Onufer the education director to talk and brainstorm about their budding idea for a semi-structured outdoor play space. We all agreed that outdoor play – a critical piece of healthy development  –  has been diminishing in kids’ lives. We also know from research that grown-up environmentalists all have one thing in common – as children they spent lots of time playing outdoors. Today’s children who play outdoors become tomorrow’s stewards of the land.

To that end, folks at the HHNM worked for a few years to bring that dream into a reality. Through a huge community effort it is finally ready for the public and yesterday was the ribbon cutting ceremony – and I was honored to be able to attend. Thanks to everyone at the HHNM for bringing this incredible resource to our children and families!


Lots of natural “loose parts” to spark your imagination!

Rocks for jumping and balancing!

Painting with water is tons of fun! Try it at home…


There’s even info for parents…


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