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Screen-Free Week…It’s closer than you think!

You love it, you hate it, and there it is just over the horizon…Screen-Free Week! From April 29th until May 5th folks around the country will be joining in on this annual adventure. Screen-Free Week is designed to help us turn off screen entertainment and turn on the world around us. “Yippee!” you say? Or perhaps, “That’s crazy!” or maybe even, “Impossible!” Whatever your reaction, Empowered by Play strongly encourages you to give it a whirl.

Our family has been participating for many years – since my sons were quite young. Now that they are nine years old, I know it is going to be harder than ever. This year, since I am in Boston every week, and the boys and my husband are in New York, we are usually only together on the weekends. Routines, including our screen routines, have gotten seriously out of whack. Although we don’t have traditional television, there are so many ways for our family to get sucked in – from Hulu and Netflix on our computers to smart phones apps, to my sons’ favorite activity of late: watching YouTube videos on our Nook.  We need a break for sure.

We always make a plan for Screen-Free Week, and that always helps. I know I need a stack of great books to read. I know my sons will want to plan a family outing or two. My husband is virtually screen free every week, and has the easiest time of it, hands down.

The great thing about Screen-Free Week is you don’t have to go it alone. There are many resources out there to help you.  Whether you are trying to explain to others why you have decided to unplug, or you need inspiration of ideas for how to fill your time, Campaign for A Commercial-Free Childhood (CCFC) has help for you. CCFC offers many free and downloadable resources. Check them out here -  including the brand new quick guides for home, school and community which you won’t want to miss.

And speaking of Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, I am so sorry if I missed you at the Consuming Kids Summit a few weeks ago. My dear dad passed away, and I was with my family. I have spoken to many folks who were in attendance and I have heard over and over again what an incredible experience it was. I am not surprised. You can read here all about the incredible events that happened at the summit.


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  • This is awesome – glad to see more people trying to do this. I actually managed to do a full two weeks of 0 TV for the family and my daughters earlier this year in March. Was aiming for the whole month but just didn’t make it.

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