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Thankful for blankets!

All hail the humble blanket! It is perhaps one of the best, all time classic playthings. Besides being a welcomed, cozy comfort for children of all ages, a blanket can be played with about a gazillion different ways. It is such the perfect toy that this year it has been inducted into the National Toy [...]

Troublemakers and Peacemakers

Today I am thinking about ways to make a little trouble. I am talking about speaking up when you see something that concerns you and making noise to effect small changes.

Yesterday I had a conversation with an executive at MilkMedia, the folks who brought us the Bakugan/Nintendo milk carton for schools. It was an [...]

Good News, Fantastic News and Sad News

The good news is that Common Sense Media has changed their recommendations for toddler Halloween costumes. Yea! I wrote to the editor today and heard back quickly. She agreed that Harry Potter and Star Wars (PG and PG-13) were not good ideas for toddler costumes, and thanked me for pointing out their mistake. She made [...]

No Common Sense for Common Sense Media

Today I am very disappointed in Common Sense Media. A few months ago, I added them to my list of recommended websites. They review movies, TV shows, books, music and websites for parents. I began recommending them when I saw that they were becoming more responsible (helping parents limit screen-time, advocating for healthy family [...]

Common Sense Media

Today I added Common Sense Media to my list of websites for information and action. The organization is a not-for-profit organization based in San Francisco. According to their mission statement, they are “dedicated to improving the media and entertainment lives of kids and families.” They review and rate movies, TV shows, websites, video games, [...]