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In Defense of Childhood Conference – March 10th

This coming Saturday proves to be an outstanding and inspiring opportunity for early childhood educators and parents who can make their way to the In Defense of Childhood Conference in NYC…

IN DEFENSE OF CHILDHOOD: Keeping the Joy of Learning Alive A Conference for Educators and Parents

Saturday, March 10, 2012, [...]

What is the Big Deal About Blocks?

“What is the big deal about blocks?” Melitsa Aliva asked me this question earlier this week. We were recording a podcast for her show, Raising Playful Tots ,  based in the UK.  Blocks  have been a longtime favorite of mine, and I have been advocating even more for block play as the pushy digital world [...]

Live Your Life

Yesterday was just incredible! Empowered by Play participated in the nation-wide Healthy Kids Day sponsored by YMCA. Our local YMCA in Newburgh, NY recruited about 30 community organizations to participate – and we were thrilled to be a part.

For Empowered by Play, it was the perfect opportunity to talk with children and families about [...]

The Wisdom of Play from Community Playthings: A gift to the early childhood world

Leave it to Community Playthings to convince me to break my rule against corporate sponsored teaching resources. Their new professional development guide The Wisdom of Play: Why Children at Play Are Their Own Best Teachers is outstanding. Their guide is free to anyone who asks. When school budgets are tight (as they are these days), [...]

"We Need More Sticks and Rocks! We Need More Beauty"

You are invited to check out my new article, “We Need More Sticks and Rocks! We Need More Beauty!” in the latest edition of Collage, the E-newsletter published by Community Playthings. Read about some of my classroom experiences bringing nature and imaginative play into the school day. Click here to see the entire newsletter. [...]

Thank You, Community Playthings!

Today I had the extraordinary privilege of spending a morning at Community Playthings. There, I met a fantastic group of people who are working hard on behalf of children everywhere. This is truly a company that understands what is good for children and has kept faithful to that ideal for decades. Their high quality maple [...]