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Climb any mountain!

This is a guest post by Geralyn’s husband, editor, and aspiring adventurer,  Mike McLaughlin.

During Screen-Free Week, our two boys and I went to Beacon, NY for   a pleasant and sometimes strenuous hike up Mount Beacon.  I offer this account today as a great example of what you can do without electronic entertainment, and [...]

Plan ahead and keep Screen-Free Week a scream-free week :-)

What would you do with an extra 32 hours in your week? Plant a garden? Visit a friend? Take a walk? Read a book? Make play dough? You could do all of those things and still have time to ride a bike and help your mom with a chore.  The average preschool child spends [...]

Happy New Year and Happy News from Empowered by Play

Here’s to keeping pajamas on until noon, taking afternoon naps, snuggling with books and breaking out the board games. Not to mention numerous , “Close the door!” reminders to restless, playful young ones who are not afraid to play in the wind and cold.

Check out our December 2012 newsletter and share it with friends [...]

Thankful for blankets!

All hail the humble blanket! It is perhaps one of the best, all time classic playthings. Besides being a welcomed, cozy comfort for children of all ages, a blanket can be played with about a gazillion different ways. It is such the perfect toy that this year it has been inducted into the National Toy [...]

A sure way to get me to play…

True confessions:  I am a play advocate.  I LOVE to play, and even I sometimes need a little reminder to stop working, turn off the computer, and have some fun. Having two rambunctious seven-year-old boys often helps.  When they think it’s time, they will come up to me, and wave their fingers in a hypnotic [...]

Playing without plastic

I am always a fan of “unplugged” play, so on Sunday when I saw that a local historical site was offering a free event for children – featuring games and toys from the Revolutionary War era, I packed up my boys and a couple of their cousins to check it out. It was a [...]

How Screen-Free Can You Be?

One of the nicest things about Screen-Free Week is how the week has turned into a week-and-a-half, at least to some extent, in that I haven’t resumed all my screen-time habits yet. As predicted, Screen-Free Week was much harder for me than it was for our sons, being that they are already [...]

Live Your Life

Yesterday was just incredible! Empowered by Play participated in the nation-wide Healthy Kids Day sponsored by YMCA. Our local YMCA in Newburgh, NY recruited about 30 community organizations to participate – and we were thrilled to be a part.

For Empowered by Play, it was the perfect opportunity to talk with children and families about [...]

Gearing up to Power Down: Screen-Free Week April 18-24th

Are you ready for Screen-Free Week 2011? On April 18th, just three weeks away, the nationwide Screen-Free Week begins.  When my sons saw the Screen-Free Week logo on my computer a while back, they asked if we’d be participating again this year. When I confirmed, “Yes!” I was not prepared for the howling-growls that pierced [...]

Empowered by Play endorses Screen-Free Week!

How hard would it be for your family to forgo screen entertainment for one week? That includes video games, television, social media and texting – the whole kit-and-caboodle. Have you ever tried it? Maybe the electricity went out for a day or two from an ice-storm (that happened in our area last winter) and [...]