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Growing With Nature – a treasured resource from Nature Explore

“Look what I found! Come see, come see!” a four-year-old exclaimed to me recently. We were outside, and she and her classmates were having a grand time exploring the playground. Of course, I immediately went to see what she was so excited about. “I found snow!” she explained, as she pointed to the dusting of [...]

Thankful for blankets!

All hail the humble blanket! It is perhaps one of the best, all time classic playthings. Besides being a welcomed, cozy comfort for children of all ages, a blanket can be played with about a gazillion different ways. It is such the perfect toy that this year it has been inducted into the National Toy [...]

Find us at NAEYC’s Annual Conference!

Today I am packing for Anaheim, CA, where I will be joining friends and colleagues at the National Association for the Education of Young Children’s (NAEYC) Annual Conference. I’ll be there with other members of  TRUCE (Teachers Resisting Unhealthy Children’s Entertainment) and we will be sharing our resources Media and Young Children Action Guide and  [...]

Small moments

Last night after dinner, my sons begged and begged to watch a DVD. We don’t have television, and we have a “No DVD on school nights” rule.  I stood firm and upheld the rule. Oh, my goodness, were there tears.  “It’s okay,” I said.  “You can be sad.”  One son, looking outside and seeing the [...]

"Boyfriend jeans" for toddler girls?!?

Wow, it has been a week since I last posted – but my time has been well spent getting the new website ready. Stay tuned because we will launch it later this week. In the meantime, a friend sent me a link to an item on the babyGap website. He was looking for jeans [...]

Empowered by Play update

Today I played the game “3 Foot Ninja” on the MilkRocks! website. This is the website advertised on school milk cartons in grades K-12 throughout the country. Well, I wasn’t too good at the game, and quickly died a gruesome death – with my red blood spilling out. Nice way to start the day.

I [...]

Announcing TRUCE’s Infant & Toddler Play, Toys & Media ACTION GUIDE!

Wonderful news today! TRUCE’s Infant & Toddler Play, Toys & Media Action Guide is now available FREE online. We have been working incredibly hard on this important resource and I am proud of the results. (TRUCE stands for “Teachers Resisting Unhealthy Children’s Entertainment”.)

In the words of founding TRUCE member, Diane Levin, Ph.D., “We created [...]

When did Sesame Street become $esame $treet?

The love-fest for Sesame Street is all-encompassing this week, as the show marks it’s 40th anniversary. Pardon me if I sit this one out. I was a toddler when the show began; and watched it on and off as a young child; then later as an older sibling (suffering through, pretending not to like it); [...]

Today’s NY Times article: From Birth, Engage Your Child in Talk

There are over 1,ooo phone apps designed for kids….even infants and toddlers. These days, when you are busy running errands with your toddler, instead of talking to her, you can hand her your iPhone or Blackberry to play with. Used to be, kids were ignored while their parent/caregiver chatted away, checked email or sent a [...]

Baby Einstein…shame on you once again!

The folks at Baby Einstein are at it again – manipulating parents into buying products that are downright bad for babies. The American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended no screen time for children under two years of age. And a well publicized study out of the University of Washington established that babies who spend [...]