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Our own nature playspace!

At Mission Hill School in Boston, Massachusetts, where I teach three and four-year-olds, we are thrilled with the opening of our own new nature playspace. Designed and implemented with a Schoolyard Initiative Grant, we will have our official grand opening in a few weeks – but we are already playing in it.

The other day, [...]

A Great Way to Play

I wasn’t surprised yesterday to read in Newsweek that creativity in the United States is on the decline (The Creativity Crisis). Innovation, flexible thinking and problem solving have all been disappearing from our lives, so it is no wonder our creativity is down. It was heartening then to hear a fantastic story on WBUR about [...]

Raising Free-Range kids

On Monday, a reader left the following comment on the post Connecting with nature, connecting with each other: “I remember as a kid exploring woods by myself and with friends, and by ten I was riding my bike alone a mile or more from home. But I don’t feel comfortable letting my kids even go [...]

Connecting with nature, connecting with each other

Many of my childhood memories involve playing outside: crunching and jumping through leaves in fall, sledding and making snowmen in winter, hunting for 4 leaf-clovers in spring and curling dandelion stems in summer. (Just peel the dandelion stems into strips, drop them in water, and watch how they curl into incredible curly-cues. Very fun.)