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Reasonable Risks

“Why do you have your sneakers on?” I asked my son the other evening. It was about 5:30 pm and I’d just gotten home from my work with Head Start teachers.  I then realized he was standing by the front door with his baseball glove on his hand. His twin brother came up beside him, [...]

Play Memories

The other night I was with a great group of teachers for our local “National Writing Project” Early Literacy Study Group. Each month we start our meeting with a writing prompt. This one was so much fun, I thought I’d share it:

“Draw a map of a childhood place where you liked to play. Label [...]

Thanks, EYI!

A big thank you to The Early Years Institute for the wonderful conference on Friday. The conference, “We Interrupt This Program: Playing and Learning in the Age of Hyper-Media”,  brought together many folks fighting the good fight on behalf of children. The Early Years Institute is a young non-profit organization aimed at “helping communities value [...]

Finding Balance in the Age of Hyper-Media

Here’s hoping your weekend holiday was wonderful – and filled with many chances to play “unplugged”. Yesterday, my family and I spent a few hours taking a walk on trails around a nearby lake. As we walked, the boys, of course, invented a few games to play along the way. Tossing acorns into the lake [...]

Radical Preschool

As young children across the country start a new school year, and teachers across the country set up learning environments for their young students, many early childhood teachers will look to the HighScope Educational Research Foundation for guidance.  HighScope is a well-respected, research based approach to early childhood care and education.  The well-known Perry Preschool [...]

Playing “off the leash”

My kids had a great time playing this weekend. At the recommendation of a friend, we tried a new playground. Granted, we had to drive a little further than we normally do, but the results were well worth it. At this new playground, guess what we found – kids! And plenty of them. Often times, [...]

Empowered by the movement

Incredible. Inspiring. Energizing. Those are just a few words to describe the 7th Annual Consuming Kids Summit in Boston this weekend. Hosted by the unflagging Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood (you may remember they were forced out of their home after taking on Disney and Baby Einstein), the success of this summit is testimony that [...]