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Keeping the field in Field Trip

“I can smell where you’ve been!” I joked with a group of youngsters earlier this fall. These first and second graders were getting off the bus from their field trip to a dairy farm. The ripe cow smell brought back cherished and vivid memories from my days teaching at Mission Hill School in Boston. No, [...]

Scholastic, once again, finds a way to get to our school children

This week the New York Times ran an article about, a media literacy campaign aimed at 4th through 6th graders (In a World of Ads, Teaching the Young How to Read Them, April 27th). After reading the article, and checking out the website, I was moved to write the following letter to the [...]

Empowered by the movement

Incredible. Inspiring. Energizing. Those are just a few words to describe the 7th Annual Consuming Kids Summit in Boston this weekend. Hosted by the unflagging Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood (you may remember they were forced out of their home after taking on Disney and Baby Einstein), the success of this summit is testimony that [...]

Milk Media Madness

Is it too much to ask that our school children eat a school lunch without being marketed to? I don’t think so. A few months ago, I wrote about Milk Media and their Milk Rocks! campaign. At that time I was upset about the Bakugan website advertised to my 5 year-old son on [...]

Empowered by Play update

Today I played the game “3 Foot Ninja” on the MilkRocks! website. This is the website advertised on school milk cartons in grades K-12 throughout the country. Well, I wasn’t too good at the game, and quickly died a gruesome death – with my red blood spilling out. Nice way to start the day.

I [...]

More on Milk Media

This weekend I spent time thinking about Milk Media and the Milk Rocks! campaign in schools. (See previous posts “The Brawl Begins” when Milk Media meets my son and Troublemakers and Peacemakers for background information.) According to the representative I talked with, the video games and movie previews available on the Milk Rocks! website [...]

Troublemakers and Peacemakers

Today I am thinking about ways to make a little trouble. I am talking about speaking up when you see something that concerns you and making noise to effect small changes.

Yesterday I had a conversation with an executive at MilkMedia, the folks who brought us the Bakugan/Nintendo milk carton for schools. It was an [...]

"The Brawl Begins" when Milk Media meets my son


Driving in the car last week, one of my sons declared, “Mom, I learned about a new dot com today. Bakugan dot com. You can watch videos and play games.” I paused, then asked, “Where did you learn [...]

Fair Play for Children: The good news (and the bad news)

For good and bad, today launched me firmly into the new role of “parent of school-aged children”. My twin sons had their kindergarten screening this morning. The boys were great (thank goodness), I was nervous (no surprise there) and the teachers were friendly (awesome!). The boys were escorted to the screening room while I waited [...]