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Thankful for blankets!

All hail the humble blanket! It is perhaps one of the best, all time classic playthings. Besides being a welcomed, cozy comfort for children of all ages, a blanket can be played with about a gazillion different ways. It is such the perfect toy that this year it has been inducted into the National Toy [...]

A Real Toy Story

The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that the best toys are not toys at all. Fuzzy blankets and empty boxes rule when you are inside; wild flowers, sticks and rocks for when you are outside.  A blanket becomes a cape or a tent and a box becomes just about anything. [...]

"My daughter’s friend is obsessed with Hannah Montana. What can I do?"

“My daughter’s friend is obsessed with Hannah Montana. What can I do?” asked a mom. She was looking for advice on ways to manage her six-year-old daughter’s friendship in a way that supported her own values. The “Tween Scene” is hitting kids younger and younger, and it is no joke.

First off all, there isn’t [...]

Great news!

Yesterday’s post left me feeling depressed. Today I will share good news. Actually, great news!

In the midst of all that is working against children and imaginative play these days, there is an active organization called TRUCE (Teachers Resisting Unhealthy Children’s Entertainment). TRUCE has been around for years and has produced a number of [...]