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Plan ahead and keep Screen-Free Week a scream-free week :-)

What would you do with an extra 32 hours in your week? Plant a garden? Visit a friend? Take a walk? Read a book? Make play dough? You could do all of those things and still have time to ride a bike and help your mom with a chore.  The average preschool child spends [...]

Thankful for blankets!

All hail the humble blanket! It is perhaps one of the best, all time classic playthings. Besides being a welcomed, cozy comfort for children of all ages, a blanket can be played with about a gazillion different ways. It is such the perfect toy that this year it has been inducted into the National Toy [...]

Empowered by Play endorses Screen-Free Week!

How hard would it be for your family to forgo screen entertainment for one week? That includes video games, television, social media and texting – the whole kit-and-caboodle. Have you ever tried it? Maybe the electricity went out for a day or two from an ice-storm (that happened in our area last winter) and [...]

Good and Bad Toy Ideas

The other day a friend sent me the link to the Good Housekeeping Best Toy list for 2010. I checked out the list and thought,”Ugh!” So many of the toys on their list are EXACTLY the kinds of toys I steer parents away from. Today, I’ll offer some alternatives to the Good Housekeeping Best Toys [...]

Find us at NAEYC’s Annual Conference!

Today I am packing for Anaheim, CA, where I will be joining friends and colleagues at the National Association for the Education of Young Children’s (NAEYC) Annual Conference. I’ll be there with other members of  TRUCE (Teachers Resisting Unhealthy Children’s Entertainment) and we will be sharing our resources Media and Young Children Action Guide and  [...]

A Real Toy Story

The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that the best toys are not toys at all. Fuzzy blankets and empty boxes rule when you are inside; wild flowers, sticks and rocks for when you are outside.  A blanket becomes a cape or a tent and a box becomes just about anything. [...]

Empowered by the movement

Incredible. Inspiring. Energizing. Those are just a few words to describe the 7th Annual Consuming Kids Summit in Boston this weekend. Hosted by the unflagging Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood (you may remember they were forced out of their home after taking on Disney and Baby Einstein), the success of this summit is testimony that [...]

Doing More with Less this Holiday Season

As we enter the gift-giving season, the stress of what to buy and how to pay for it begins to mount. Take heart… Here are ideas to delight and inspire your family. The good news is, these smart choices for your family are not budget-busters. Above all, keep in mind that the most valuable [...]

Empowered by Play’s Toy of the Year Award: Nature

Yesterday the Toy Industry Association announced its nominees for the Toys of The Year Award for 2009. It is the tenth year of these awards. From their press release: “The TOTY Awards celebrate the creativity and innovation of the toy industry and the products on the ballot represent this year’s ‘best of the best’ as [...]

Announcing TRUCE’s Infant & Toddler Play, Toys & Media ACTION GUIDE!

Wonderful news today! TRUCE’s Infant & Toddler Play, Toys & Media Action Guide is now available FREE online. We have been working incredibly hard on this important resource and I am proud of the results. (TRUCE stands for “Teachers Resisting Unhealthy Children’s Entertainment”.)

In the words of founding TRUCE member, Diane Levin, Ph.D., “We created [...]